Below are the books that have made an impact on me. I’ll do my best to summarize them and share my top takeaways.

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MAIN CONCEPT: Strategies and techniques on how to increase the good experiences in your life by prioritizing what you do with your time.

GENRE: Non-Fiction / Lifestyle Design / RATING: 9 out of 10

First off  Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 – Hour Work Week”  is NOT about working only four hours a week. It’s ultimately about comprehending the value of time. He does talk about work, and starting businesses, and dealing with the mounds of email everyone receives. But I believe that his main point is that if we, as individuals, do not learn to appreciate our most precious commodity, time, we should seriously think about restructuring our lives to do so. Tim was an early pioneer exploring the concepts behind lifestyle design. He challenges his readers to design their lives around their principles by taking time to reflect on how they spend each moment every day. Is responding to email helpful to achieving  a goal, or just work for work’s sake? Is each and every communication necessary to advance a project? Do meetings have to last hour after hour? Are you getting the most out of your life if chasing more and more money is your main motivation? I’ve seen many people take this book the wrong way and try to make it fit their assumptions without doing the work to give Tim’s concepts the consideration they deserve. This book originally came out in 2007, and many more people have followed his lead, so the concepts aren’t as new or as threatening to the status quo when his book was first published. If you have yet to read about Lifestyle Design, this is the best possible starting point. You can also read more of Tim’s writing on his blog at