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 Links to Show Notes and Audio files for all Curious about Filmmaking Podcast Episodes

008 – Peter Hawley – Educating the Digital Creative Class

007 – Steve Kaplan Solves the Comic Equation

006 – Linda Seger Loves You and Your Script

005 – The Denial of Corey Mandell Launches a Hollywood Screenwriting Career

004 – Curious About Filmmaking: Film Producer Barri Evins on Big Ideas, Zen Pitching, and Finger Puppets

003 – Curious About Filmmaking: Glenn Benest on How Working with Wes Craven Launched His Career

002 – Curious About Filmmaking: Nicholl Fellowship Finalist Karen Lukesh Cares About You (And Your Script!)

001 – Curious About Filmmaking Podcast: Robert McKee on Writing Professionally, Screenplay Competitions, Guardians of the Galaxy and Much More