001 – Curious About Filmmaking Podcast: Robert McKee on Writing Professionally, Screenplay Competitions, Guardians of the Galaxy and Much More

Robert McKee

Robert McKee

Robert McKee’s impact on the film industry is undeniable. Over 100,000 writers have have taken his STORY course (also a book)  which was partially re-enacted during the Oscar nominated film, ADAPTATION written by Charlie Kaufman based on the book ORCHID THIEF by Susan Orlean. Robert’s on screen persona was deftly acted by Brian Cox. His focus on being true to genres and teaching writers how to approach writing as a serious profession is sometimes overshadowed by his infamous reputation as a world-class curmudgeon. I found him to be nothing of the sort. He was gracious, knowledgeable, and funny during our approximately 60 minute conversation and Q&A with over 400 teleconference listeners.

My favorite part of the interview happened during his comments on the box office smash, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. His insights on that movie are alone worth listening to this podcast.

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