002 – Curious About Filmmaking: Nicholl Fellowship Finalist Karen Lukesh Shows You How to Launch Your Career

Karen Lukesh

Karen Lukesh

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with writer Karen Lukesh. If you are considering becoming a produced screenwriter, she may just be able to help you do it. She has been able to transform an early career in underground sketch comedy writing and performing into one that has garnered her over fourteen screenwriting awards with one of them coming from the Academy Nicholl Fellowship (trust me, it’s a big deal.) To give you an idea about how impressive that is, over seventy-five hundred scripts were submitted to the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in 2014. She now has an agent and is selling her work in Hollywood.

Thousands of people are looking for ways to break into the movie business, and after talking with Karen I am convinced that it is more possible than ever despite the competition, or perceived competition out there. In the podcast, Karen talks about a “chance” encounter with a fellow actor who asked her to start a comedy troupe. Without hesitation she said yes, and started out on an adventure that is still going strong. She mixed hard work with opportunity and set herself on a path to pursue her dreams of working in the movies. She is a dogged person who doesn’t give up on a script, period. She creates characters that she is passionate about and works and works until those characters have a story befitting their existence.

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