How to Self Actualize with a Whistle and a Snap

Photo by Elvert Barnes / CC BY 2.0 / Cropped 


The other day I had a strong realization. I was watching yet another Kickstarter campaign video with an adorable human or three skipping up and on to their bikes (which were waiting for them in front of a gorgeous two-story brownstone, blissfully unlocked) and then riding off to a design meeting to finalize some amazing new environmentally friendly product. Everyone in the video looked ten times more happy than anyone I have ever met in my entire life (I’m working on my fifth decade.) The team assembled inside, large ceramic mugs in hand. The early morning sunlight beamed through a giant window at the perfect angle to bathe an over-sized re-purposed wooden table (probably made from a treasured old barn door) and the white painted brick loftice (loft + office) walls. And damn it if it didn’t look like everyone was getting along and letting each other have their respective say as they shared their extremely creative ideas.

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