Linda Seger Loves You and Your Script

International Script Consultant and  Screenwriting Coach Dr. Linda Seger

International Script Consultant and Screenwriting Coach – Dr. Linda Seger

If Dr. Linda Seger was the Wizard of Oz, she would bypass all of the other gifts and only hand out heart-shaped clocks. In the movie, the Wizard tells the tinman,  “A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.” And if you only had Linda Seger to love you and your script, your heart would be held in very high esteem.

Linda is a legend in the business of script consulting. She is widely regarded as the person who invented the industry. In 1981 she started her consulting business after writing her dissertation on her method for analyzing scripts. And just like how the Wizard of Oz shared his secrets, Linda has helped people inside and outside the film industry look behind the mysteries of great story telling. Before Linda started her business, many believed that people either did have or did not have the talent for screenwriting. She made it clear that great writing can be taught. It’s not an easy path, and the road is not necessarily paved with yellow bricks, but if someone has enough courage to use their heart and brains, the path to success is illuminated.

She has worked with Peter Jackson, Roland Emmerich, and Ray Bradbury, and she will work with you too. Linda Seger is an accomplished author, having written nine books about screenwriting and a half-dozen more about spirituality. This blended focus of hers is evident when you talk with Linda. She cares about you and your work. Linda is encouraging, intelligent, and she understands the need of writers to be inspired to write something great. This is why she offers a specific one on one session for writers at her home in the Rockies. Linda can also work as your personal development executive if you so choose. She will coach and guide you to write the best possible version of your script and make it ready to shop around Hollywood.

As writers we don’t want our work to be judged because innately we believe it is a criticism of us as human beings, but filmmaking is a collaborative sport. At some point we must wear our hearts on our sleeves, and allow our writing to be judged no matter the outcome. And yes, your writing will be judged on how much it is loved by others. Thankfully Linda can show you what is behind the curtain and give you the gifts you need to succeed in this fairy-tale town.

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