003 – Curious About Filmmaking: Glenn Benest on How Working with Wes Craven Launched His Career

Glenn Benest

Glenn Benest

Making a living, not a killing, was ironically on writer and producer Glenn Benest’s mind when he decided to pursue screenwriting over being a playwright. His concern about being able to live well and pay the bills eventually led him to writing two high profile screenplays for horror filmmaker Wes Craven: “Deadly Blessing,” starring Sharon Stone and Ernest Borgnine and “A Stranger In Our House,” starring Linda Blair and Lee Purcell.

Having grown up near Los Angeles, Glenn saw the film industry for what it was and is, a business. That’s not to say that his desire to write came from a dispassionate place, rather it was ingrained in him at an early age that it would take dedication, hard work, and connections to start and build a career as a writer in Hollywood. His passion to help others succeed is evident in his private screenwriting workshops where small groups of determined writers meet over a period of weeks to hone their screenplays into work that is ready for the marketplace. Read on to learn more about Glenn’s workshops taken by people like Melissa Rosenberg, writer of the screenplays for the Twilight movies.

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