Lately, the idea that keeps emerging from my depths is that, “It’s all OK.” No matter what it is, it is “OK.” Minimalism is all the rage now which is not surprising because there is so much stuff here among us. Things to touch, see, hear, feel, and taste; they are pervasive. There is literally an infinite amount of information available for consumption. We are stuff-making gods with nervous systems too primitive to take it all in. Too much of anything overloads the system and diminishes the value of any synergy achieved, even if only for but a moment. But really, so what? Should we be looking for eternal balance? Just ask two kids on either end of a teeter totter. The Universe, before the Big Bang, was the ultimate embodiment of minimalism and it couldn’t take it. Things, life, seemingly everything expands and contracts continually and infinitely again and again. More to less and less to more; again and again and again.

Is the tasting and consumption pleasure I get from eating two donuts a day perverse compared to my sense of well-being I feel after a run or thirty minutes in the sauna? I don’t know. It’s too easy to say my donut eating pleasure is bad because I will get fat from doing it every day. So far in my experience being fat is not fun, but maybe if I just decide now to focus on exercise and saunas to get unfat I will come to appreciate those moments just as much as eating donuts. I know that I don’t want a world where there are no donuts and no saunas.

So I think sometimes I want more and sometimes I want less. And as long as I stay at least a bit detached from all of it and realize that I am free to follow my bliss at any moment; that is what makes me most happy.

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